Course Objective

  • Learn up to 400 Kanji characters
  • JLPT N4 Vocabularies (語彙)
  • JLPT N4 Reading (読解)
  • JLPT N4 Listening (聴解)
  • JLPT N4 Grammar (文法)
  • Passive forms
  • Causative forms
  • Causative Passive forms
  • Imperative forms
  • Polite and humble forms
  • This course is intended for students who will take Japanese Language Proficiency (JLPT) N4 – preferably students who have passed the JLPT N5.

    Learners will learn to express themselves in daily conversation encounters.

    Learners will be able to grasp content of conversations provided they are spoken slowly.

    • Asking permission
    • Expressing talents and abilities
    • Explaining daily life activities
    • Explaining present actions
    • Expressing present conditions
    • Explaining plans
    • Making choices
    • Making clarifications
    • Relaying messages
    • JLPT N5 or at least 100 hours of language training
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