Course Objective

  • Learn up to 700 Kanji characters
  • JLPT N3 Vocabularies (語彙)
  • JLPT N3 Reading (読解)
  • JLPT N3 Listening (聴解)
  • JLPT N3 Grammar (文法)
  • Useful business expressions
  • This course is intended for students who will take Japanese Language Proficiency (JLPT) N3 – preferably students who have passed the JLPT N4.

    Learners will learn to read, and understand written materials with specific contents concerning everyday topics.

    This course will help students to grasp summary information such as newspaper headlines.

    Learners will learn strategies to comprehend slight difficult writings and to understand main points of the content.

    This course will introduce use of idiomatic expressions to communicate with Japanese people with some confidence.

    • Writing business emails
    • Making requests and asking permissions
    • Expressing gratitude
    • Giving reasons for refusals
    • Organising information to form a presentation
    • Explaining present condition and situation
    • Relaying messages / Reporting
    • Giving suggestions based on presented information
    • Developing ability to naturally participate in conversations
    • JLPT N4 or at least 300 hours of language training
    • Language Assessment
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