Basic Japanese

Course Objective

  • Read and write Hiragana
  • Read and write Katakana
  • Read and write 100 Kanji
  • Listen and comprehend very simple Japanese.
  • Articulate words in proper pronunciation.
  • Response basic and polite Japanese Language.
  • This course is for those who have had zero knowledge of Japanese language. Besides simple everyday conversation, participants for this class should be able to make basic responses even if they cannot fully and correctly express themselves yet.

    • Hiragana and Katakana Writing
    • Introduction and Greetings
    • Countries, Nationalities and Languages
    • Common Japanese names
    • Shopping: Asking Prices & Buying
    • Asking Time and Date
    • Asking and Giving Directions
    • Talking about plans
    • Talking about activities in the past
    • Talking about Sports
    • Talking about Vacations
    • Talking about Family Members
    • Zero-level
    • High School or College Graduate
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